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Sign Contract To Treat Hepatitis  
Flow Chart of Trealment Program

Gongming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has set up the medical treatment mode of “Signing Therapy Objective Contract” with patients. In order to make all the patients to get the most effective treatment, and to prevent imitated medicines on the market. The products produced by Gongming will not be sold in OTC market and anywhere outside Gongming Hospitals. Gongming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and set up Gongming Chain Hospitals in global markets. These hospitals will sign contracts with patients and to confirm the therapy objective. The medical fees will be remitted to the account appointed by the notary office. After treatment, if therapy produces no results, all medical fees will be refunded to patients. This business model will change the unfair and unconvincing state where hospitals are only responsible to treat cases but are not responsible to cure them and protect patients’ rights to the maximum.